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Friday, March 14, 2014

Thought of the day.

I wanted to do a book called "Liberal logic" but couldn't think of anything after a title.


  1. Let me see if I can help...

    --Since statistics have been kept, the CDC estimates that some 350,000 lives have been spared from HIV/AIDS due to LIBERAL education programs.

    --The overall abortion rate has decreased due to LIBERAL education programs that teach safe-sex techniques.

    --A LIBERAL program--the Affordable Care Act--(if allowed to expand Medicaid) would cover over 300,000 uninsured Tennesseans; allowing them to have access to health care. Not only is this the humane thing to do, but it directly reduces the number of people who would be dependent on SSI, food stamps, government housing, and other local, state, and federal programs that aid the sick and poor.

    Shall I go on?

    1. Tom, you seem stuck trying to show examples of "fixing" problems caused by liberalism. I'm surprised you didn't add in "giving out free needles to heroine addicts has red used the spread of hepatitis" as example of a "liberal cure to fix a liberal problem to start with. I won't even get into the faulty logic of it actually reducing to effects.

    2. Maybe you can explain to me how HIV/AIDS was caused by liberals. While I'm waiting for that, maybe you can explain how liberals caused millions of Americans to be uninsured. And since homosexuals don't reproduce at nearly the rate as heterosexuals, maybe you can explain how it is that abortion is a liberal problem. Seems to me that it's more of a heterosexual problem.

    3. Well Tom, the act of homosexual sex is clearly against the beliefs of the bible.

    4. Liberalism is rooted in the belief that you are not responsible for your own upkeep. That someone else should provide insurance for you and that you should not have to pay for anything or prepare for anything until you want it..... And then someone else should have to pay for it.

    5. Abortion is a liberal issue for the same reason. In at least 96% of cases it is not because of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. It is a failure to prepare ore a failure to take responsibility for past actions. Pure liberalism.

    6. If homosexuality is clearly against the beliefs of the Bible, then so would withholding health care to the sickest and poorest people of our country. Did I make a mistake when I read the passage from the Book of Matthew, in which Christ states, "Whatever you have done unto the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you have done unto Me. And whatever you have not done unto the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you have not done unto Me."?
      You only want to hide behind the Books of the Bible when it's convenient for you.
      But here's the thing... Even though I am likely a much more devoted Christian than you, the last time I looked, our nation is based on the laws found in the Constitution.
      Just because you are so misguided as to believe that homosexuals are sinners (and you're not?), your opinions about what is or is not sin has no place when you are writing policies for your constituents.
      I pay my taxes. I abide by the laws. And I deserve to be represented by someone who doesn't denounce me as a "sinner" based on his personal interpretation of scripture.
      You owe me more respect than that.

    7. While I think you deserve equal protection under the law, that does not mean I agree to giving you special rights. While the bible talks about providing for the poor, I see nowhere that it directs government to do it.

    8. Cogburn, you are SO full of it.

      1st ...Who is withholding health care from anyone? If you don't have insurance and you are sick, you can walk into ANY ER in the country and ... voila! ... your receive health care whether you can pay for it or not. May not be the most efficient way, but it's health care.

      2nd ... I'll denounce you, Stacey, myself and EVERYONE else as sinners because according to the Bible, we all are!

      3rd ... where exactly do you get off deciding who is a "more devoted" Christian? You know absolutely ZERO about anyone's relationship with God other than yourself.

      See, like a very wise man once said , the problem with liberals is they KNOW so much that just is not so. Putz!

    9. Cogburn, you are SO full of it!

      1st ... How do you figure to equate homosexuality to withholding healthcare?

      2nd ... ANYONE can get health care ... regardless of insurance or ability to pay ... at the local ER. May not be the most efficient way to go about it, but it is there and available to anyone who walks in and asks.

      3rd ... The Bible says we're ALL sinners. That's you, Stacey, me, the homosexuals, the folks sitting on the first pew every Sunday and Wednesday ... EVERYONE! If someone denounces you as a sinner ... they are just pointing out a fact. It's the same for all of us.

      4th ... exactly where do you get off saying that you are a "more devoted" Christian than Stacey or anyone else? The only person's relationship with God that you are privy to is your own ... you have no knowledge of or capacity to understand someone else's religious convictions.

      A wise man once pointed out that the problem with liberals is that they know so much that just isn't so. You have done a masterful job of proving him correct. Putz!

    10. 1.) You can read my comments to see how I equate homosexuality and health care.

      2.) Yes... A person can walk into an ER and get "treated", but their illness will not necessarily be cured or managed. As a health care social worker for over a quarter century, I have seen many people present to an ER with various diseases. The goal of the ER doctor is to stabilize a person's condition. They then tell the patient that for full care they need to follow up with their primary care physician; which is great if you have insurance and actually have a physician. But the vast majority of uninsured patients don't have a physician or a clinic where they can follow up.
      Years ago a woman came to St. Mary's ER with a tumor that was so advanced it had broken through the skin on her breast. It was a large, angry looking tumor. It was excruciatingly painful.
      She had been going to various ERs in a county outside of Knox. because she had no insurance. Each time she went, she was treated in the ER and released, usually with pain medicine to make her comfortable. She was supposed to find a primary care physician to take care of her cancer. But without insurance she couldn't even get an appointment with an oncologist.
      St. Mary's physicians admitted her--but not before they chewed her out for letting her cancer get so bad. They didn't know about the multiple times she'd tried to get in to see an oncologist.
      The woman's cancer had spread from her breast to her lymph nodes. She had surgery to remove the breast and several nodes.
      While she was in the hospital I had to work to get Medicaid. Then I had to look high and low to find an oncologist that would accept her Medicaid. So many of them said, "Why can't she stay at St. Mary's? They're the ones who are treating her--the should do all of the follow-up."
      Ultimately, this woman lost her battle with cancer. She left behind a husband and several young children.
      If she'd had access to health care from the beginning she would likely have survived. She probably would have caught the cancer back when it was a miniscule lump.
      There are thousands of such stories out there; all due to the fact that folks don't have access to health care.

      3.) It's not Stacey's responsibility to decide which behaviors or thoughts are or are not sins. Christ did not command him to do this. Christ commanded him, you, me; everybody to love God and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

      4.) Out of frustration with Stacey's MULTIPLE comments about homosexuality (we're sinners, we're broken, we're unnatural, etc.); I either correctly or incorrectly stated that from where I sit, I believe that I try to adhere to Christ's followings much more closely than Stacey.
      I DO try to love my neighbor as I love myself. I DO try to help the poor and needy. I DO know that I am a sinner.
      However, my sin IS NOT homosexuality any more than is it the fact that I have brown eyes.
      Campfield wants to race to the Books of the Bible and claim homosexuality is a sin. Yet at the same time he totally misses the fact that Christ commanded us to help "the least of these brothers and sisters of mine." Campfield doesn't believe that this help should come from the government because Christ didn't specifically say that the government, in addition to individuals, should help the less fortunate.
      I pointed out to him that God, in part, destroyed Sodom and the other cities because "the cities" had abundant resources but did not help out the poor and needy.
      I've yet to hear back from him on this...

      I don't care what a "wise man" once pointed out. I have to live with myself. I have to answer to God. And I don't care if it's a liberal or a conservative who is talking, I listen to the content of their speech. I watch their actions. THAT'S how you tell if a person is trying to live a true Christian life.

  2. Says more about you than liberals I think............

  3. LowInfoLiberalRetards/Drone.net they cannot afford a .com

  4. Stacy, Why would you allow someone to use the term "retard" in a pejorative manner in your comments section?
    Is this a term you approve of? Do you support people who make such nasty comments?
    I wonder how many of your constituents with children who have developmental disabilities would appreciate your choosing to post this kind of nastiness?

  5. Does Libtard sound Better Tom Cogburn I am not American but Singaporean and we do not feel the need to be politically perfect all the time even when I am making a joke....So should I get a GUN AND GO SHOOT MYSELF >I THINK NOT >IN THE USA YOU ARE BOUND TO UPSET SOMEONE ALL THE TIME AND SORRY BUT I CANNOT WALK ON EGGSHELLS!!!!

  6. Tom Cogburn its Sen Stacey Campfield not Stacy thats a girls name so get it correct you Libtard....LOL


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