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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Your tax dollars hard at work.

What should tax dollars be spent on again?

My bill stoping tax dollars for bail, tattoos, body piercing, etc. passed today.


  1. Yes as it should have....bail for criminals, tramp stamps and piercings are garbage and hard earned tax dollars should be spent on important things.

  2. I totally agree with this bill preventing ATMs from being near these businesses and welfare being spent on wants like tattoos and piercings. But I'm concerned about this comment I read in the article:

    Replied Campfield: "He [suspect] should have thought about that before they did whatever crime they did."

    Though people should take responsibility for their actions and/or crimes, I'm confused by this statement. I thought persons who have been charged with a crime are innocent until proven guilty? I understand the grand majority have certainly committed the crime, but there are of course other circumstances. I'm confused mainly about the basic principle of our legislature being that one must be proven guilty and assumed innocent until then?

    1. The comment was in reply to tax dollars being potentially used to bail people out of jail. While people are innocent until proven guilty I do not think bail is what tax dollars were meant to be funding.


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