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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

JT Moore middle school. Nashville?

I recieved this photo from a constituent who says this is JT Moore Middle school in Nashville. Can anyone verify this?


  1. Maybe it's the flag for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (among other National Parks) that are now "U.N. Biospheres".

    Or maybe it is to represent the flag that our military has fought for in every campaign since Congress last declared war according to our Constitution in spring of 1942. The "U.N. coalition forces" occupying 38 countries and coming soon to a country near you.

  2. It looks like a Model UN conference. Model UN is a program for high school students where the students debate the big issues in a forum modeled on the structure of the UN. Sometimes the conferences are modeled on NATO or the Association of American States. There are more than 380 of these conferences held throughout the world every year (the language used is English). It is a good thing.


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